Anyone Still Use Shampoo? Please Advise.

Hello. I am brand new to this site. I have just below the shoulder length hair that is thick and curly and tends to be dry to very dry depending on the weather. I usually have very good luck the Back to Basics Curl Activating Gel. That is the only product I really use in my hair along with Loreal's Kiwi Hairspray. But, after reading all your posts, I think I might be missing something. I'm always searching for the perfect shampoo and conditioner. I've tried WEN and didn't like. I guess I still like shampooing and conditioning my hair the old fashion way. Can anyone recommend a good shampoo, conditioner, and stylig products for 2B hair? I'm confused with what to look for in the ingredients. Thanks so much for your help.
I love Elucence Moisture Balancing shampoo and conditioner or anything by Jessicurl. I've also used Ouidad and DevaCurl when I first started. I recommend the book Curly Girl by Lorraine Massey if you are just starting out, or reading the many articles on the website, to get the basics.
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I'm am currently trying out the activate shampoo and I like it alot. It doesn't have sodium laurel sulfate and is very gentle yet cleans the hair well. I have tried the burts bees grapefruit and beet shmpoo which was good, also no sulfates, but a bit "harsher" feeling on my hair then the activate. For non drugstore stuff try jessicurl hair cleansing cream (really like this!) or her other shampoo (don't recall the name, never tried it), or devacurl low poo (this was a bit harsh, compared to others) or no poo (also never tried it).

as for conditioners try activate. I'm using it now and like it, and alot of people on here like it too. another option is trader joe's nourish, I've heard good things about it. other than that the others I've liked are non drugstore ones. I love devacurl one condition but got sick of paying so much for a conditoner. elucence moisture balancing condish also gets good reviews on the boards. a good conditioner is hard to find.

also for styling it so hard to figure that part out. first you need to find a good gel, cream or mousse - depending on what type you like. a good drugstore gell is aussie tizz no frizz, biosilk rock hard gelee or herbale essences set me up or totally twisted. non drugstore gels that are nice are batia and aleeza gel, devacurl angell and devacare arcangell. some people love jessicurls combo of rocking ringlets (watery gel like) and confident coils (cream styler). the only cg mousse I've found that works great is joico joiwhip.

then depending on what else you hair needs, frizz control, curl definition, etc... you can add in other things like AG re:coil or Curl Keeper.

you really have to try everything out and see how your hair does! and read alot. good luck!
3A, started CG 9/8/06
trader joe's nourish spa s&c, giovanni la natural gel
I still shampoo, too. I second Elucence. The shampoo and conditioner are wonderful! I also use Devacare LowPoo for Blond hair.

As for styling, I have remained very loyal to Batia and Aleeza's gel. I can't seem to find anything else that keeps my hair from frizzing and lasts for more than a day. I've been mixing in a bit of the Body Shop's Brazil Nut Define and No Frizz. It has some silicone in it, but since I do shampoo a couple times a week, I don't mind. It makes my hair a bit shinier.
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Another shampoo user here...although I only shampoo twice a week and don't rinse/condition my hair between shampoos. I use Activate Hydrating Shampoo (available at most RiteAid or Ulta stores), Cream of Nature, and occasionally Suave for kids. I love the Activate shampoo. It doesn't strip my hair and it rinses clean. Do what makes you (and your hair) happy!
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I've used Jessicurl GLS and HCC shampoos. Both are good, but lately I've been using J&J baby shampoo, and I believe I like it even more than the Jessicurl ones. I tend to over-condition with the Jessicurl products. I think that's because there's oil in them. There's none in the baby shampoo, so I can condition after I shampoo w/out weighing down my curls. My hair is not dry, which is probably a factor. My favorite conditioner is Garnier Fructis for fine hair (the only GF one without silicones). My favorite stylers are Jessicurl Rockin' Ringlets with Suave anti-frizz aloe gel over it.

Sometimes I skip the rinse out conditioner and use a very small amount (pea-sized blob) of Garnier Fructis leave-in conditioner (curl 'n shine) instead. I make my own spray to refresh my hair mid-day. It's a couple of drops of Jessicurl hair softening oil in a small amount of water. I think plain old lavendar or jojoba oils would work just as well.
Couple of inches past shoulder length 3A. Shampoo every 3rd or 4th day w/ baby shampoo; Tigi Fashionista conditioner; back to Condition 3-in-1 mousse . Alternate days water rinse, conditioner and mousse.
I am SO annoyingly advocating Jessicurl lately . It's made my hair so soft and shiny, and I haven't been using any other products except HCC and Too Shea! My hair gets very dry, and my ends and canopy are always dry and rough feeling. No matter what conditioners I use, or how often I do DT's, nothing gets my hair back into shape. The only thing that works is when I stop using shampoo, but I hate co-washing, and the HCC give me the shampoo feeling w/o drying out my hair, so it's perfect!
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Another vote for the Elucence Moisture Balancing shampoo. It is honestly my favorite shampoo EVER. I'll rotate conditioners (although I do love the Elucence conditioner), but I am never without the shampoo. I use it every 2-3 days.
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