Have you Ever Tried Colored Hair Spray?

So I wanted to dye my hair but I see mixed reviews on dyed hair, so people maintain it well, some people don't.

So I tried to find alternatives and I was thinking about doing a colored hairspray, you spray it on then you wash it out when ready

Have any of you tried it? Did You like It?
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Yeah I've tried spray color. It was pretty cool. It was a nice way to get an idea of what I would like like with golden blond highlights! Now that you've mentioned this, I may actually go back to that when I want a new look and try out some different colors. You can always just wash it out!
cool what brand did you use?
Natural Hair & Fashion Enthusiast

My Passion is "CurlsKinksFashion"
I have used colored hair spray twice, first time I did blue and second time I did purple and silver. It showed up very bright and vivid completely covering my black hair. It made my hair stiff and straw-like, but since I did it for a costume and didn't need it to be perfect I was happy with it. It didn't stain my clothes and it washed out easily (I wasn't CG then so I don't know if it comes out without sulfates). I don't think it's damaging if you just want to try it for fun
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