The Christmas before last, I bought a 2-pack of Rainbow henna for $12. I paid almost that much this last time for 1! Rainbow isn't even good henna, but I use it for my base because it's cheap, and the jars it comes in are perfect for mixing. But, I could buy Jamila BAQ for $8. I did just a few months ago.

I checked (who I also buy from), and their prices do not appear to have raised. I assumed it was all henna b/c henna comes from the Middle East which is in turmoil right now. My Jamila has Pakistan on the label. I think some henna comes from India though I'm not sure. Though, all hennas I've bought are from U.S. suppliers. Do you think it has something to do with the Middle East? Or to cover shipping increases - I KNOW that has gone up on everything. Since Rainbow henna has Persian Red, Persian Strawberry etc. on the labels... it may just say that, but if it comes from Iran, that is probably the problem.

This is just something I noticed and wanted to pass along for food for thought. I know a lot of people use henna here.