New Pictures. :)

Today I had time to fully diffuse my hair and style it properly, so I had to take some pictures. They can be found in my Fotki.

Also, I stopped in at Shopper's Drugmart, and picked up Garnier Fructis's new Curl Leave-In stuff, some Aussie Sprunch Hair Spray, and some Aussie Conditioner. I took a picture of my current inventory.

I haven't been on in a while, and after dying my hair and straightening it every three days, I'm lost as to it's type. Perhaps it's because of the damage, or just not seeing it curly in a while. Some days I think I'm a 2, while other days I tend to have bits that look in the 3s. So I'd love to hear opinions.
P/w: curls
Your curls are relatively three dimensional so I would have to say you lean more towards 3a...maybe a curlier 2b or a 2c?
2b/3a/3b botticelli curls, medium fine, medium coarse


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