Hey Ladies,

A friend of mine recently told me about CG and this website, I do not believe CG will work for me and my lifestyle but i thought id give this site a try anyways.(she told me their were other options) I wanted to no what I could do to enhance my (3A Hair, i looked it up) Its pretty dry and I'll admit i lose alot of hair. I use tresemme mousse*sp* and I find it works sometimes(but only once, i have to redo it the next day which i no is gross but I'd like to go twice without having to majorly do it all over again). Is their anything better and is their a solution to the dry hair issue and will that make a big different in terms of getting a great curl*its always flat at the top and dry all over and ive seen my hair at its best, it can really curl!*I also do not have alot of money and no access to ordering online products....I can go to Shoppers( I love in Canada). Is their anything better for all my problems and not to expensive that I can reach at Shoppers Drug Mart?

Thanks so much ladies!!!
Although you may not think it will work for you, I would give CG a try before you rule it out. Many of us have been conditioned ( I am so clever)to believe that shampooing everyday/frequently is not only goos for the look of your hair, but for your health/hygiene. Honestly, it may work for some but I think it is a crock of poo. I, too, believed I could never chuck the habit of shampooing, and even had the impulse to randomly shampoo my hair like a drug addict

If you are unsure, maybe you'd want to try a modified CG plan - for example, shampooing once a week while eliminating or at least great reducing products with silicones.

Some of my suggestions: Look for shampoos that are sulfate free. Just look in the ingredients and you will notice (usually) within the first couple whether there are any sulfates...You might have an easier time finding them in health food stores. A little goes a long way with shampoo, so even if you are spending..say $10 - $15 on a shampoo, you should be getting a lot of really only need to shampoo the buildup off your scalp with at most a nickel sized amount.
I'm not sure what's available in Canada, but a lot of the curlies here like Suave conditioners if you're looking for cheap. I also like the Herbal Essences Body Envy Mousse and that would be good for you since you want volume and more curl at the root. I would also suggest getting a bowl shaped diffuser with fingers if you don't already have one - they are inexpensive and if you diffuse with your blowdrier upside down until its at least half way dry, you should get more volume and curl at the roots..

Hope this all helps and welcome!

Edited to Add: By the way, I hardly lose any hair anymore since I started CG. My hair doesn't get knotty - I don't even brush, I only finger comb or use a pick or wide tooth comb in the shower with conditioner in it.
2b/3a/3b botticelli curls, medium fine, medium coarse

I dont shampoo very often and I have a special shampoo for danduff*sp* that I must use atleast twice a week, so CG is not an option since its doctor recommanded but i appericate that advice. I also colour my hair, so keeping the colour is important. Does Suave conditioners have one for colur treated hair(that would be assume) And can someone tell me if getting a good once a week deep treatment is benefically. I heard K-Pack is good but I am having a hard time finding this pacticular brand.
You can modify CG to suit your needs...You can use your shampoo once a week. I don't know what condition you have, but I have greatly reduced my dandruff since I started CG (modified) In my humble opinion, most conditioners that claim to be specific for color treated hair don't do anything that other conidtioners do. You should look for something very moisturizing. Deep treatments actually speed up color removal, so be careful...
2b/3a/3b botticelli curls, medium fine, medium coarse


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