Dry Hair in Rome!

Hello everyone, I'm a long time stalker of this forum, so thanks for helping me with my hair needs for so long.

I was just wondering if anyone could help me out.

I am studying abroad in Rome and my hair is so so so so freaking dry. I deep condition with its a 10 every week, co wash with curls creme brle conditioner every other day, and then use it's a ten leave-in conditioner. I also use Kinky Curly to seal my ends.

SOMEONE HELP. =[ Yesterday I thought I had a lot of buildup because of the cones in my It's A Ten, so I ACV rinsed and my hair felt rubbery =[

Because I'm in Rome I have limited access to curly products so keep that in mind.

Thank you so so soo much.
Wow congrats to you for studying abroad in Rome. I studied abroad there while I was in college and it was the most amazing experience ever!!

Anywho lol...I would try to find products that are labeled moisturizing, nourishing, etc. I don't think you need to use "curly" products specifically in order for them to moisturize your hair. Trust me, my hair can get dry as the Sahara and I rarely use products formulated for kinky/curly hair.

You may also want to try an hot oil treatment. I KNOW you can find Olive Oil..you're in Italy lol.

My two cents. I hope it helps.

Good luck, be safe, and have a ball while you're there!

Hahaah thank you so much! I definitely can use Olive Oil. It's so hard to find products here (everything being in Italian), but I will just grab my trusty dictionary lol.

Where did you live?!? I'm living in Prati, right next to the Vatican basically.
OMG I lived in Prati too!!! Too funny! Yes the dictionary is your friend! I would practice my phrases before I went out lol.


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