What are some really good oils?


I love Knot Today, but it isn't the most moisturizing, so I combine it with argan oil I got as a gift. The problem is that I'm running out and don't know where to buy more, plus it's $10 for 1oz.

I have tried coconut oil before but blehhhh. So greasy! Does anyone have any others recommendations? Which do you think I could add to Knot Today that would moisturize without greasiness? I'm wanting to try grapeseed or sweet almond
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Try apricot or jojoba oil. They're light and won't leave a greasy residue.
Whoop whoop!
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Apricot kernel oil or sweet almond oil are good choices! Nice and light but still moisturizing I have sahara desert hair though, I mix straight-up dollops of coconut oil in with my rinse-out conditioner hahahaha. I use oils like these and Argan to seal, so I think they're light enough to mix with Knot Today!
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You could also ask wavynwild16 and rymorg2. They have tried several between the two of them!
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I love jojoba oil!!
Also, Shea Moisture makes an elixir that has several oils in it (including argon). Just don't spray it directly onto your hair - the nozzle is too generous! Spray it on your palm or mix it with your LI or gel.
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LI - SMR, Cure Care, or RO
Seal - MO or Jojoba
DT - + honey, ACV, & EVOO to SM masque & GVPCB
PT - Gelatin!, CNPF
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Oils - MO!, EVOO, jojoba, GSO, SM Elixer, EVCO, VO5 Hairdressing
ive tried quiet a few oils, argan oils great, if ya dont like coconut oil, then i second apricot oil macanut oil is great as well, it matches our own oil that wee produce naturaly so its nice and light, im just starting to use that one, hemp oil is good too, its really rich so i tend to mix it, and emu oil is the other one, it can be greasy for same curlies, but if your just using to seal with it, then it should be good

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Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
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Avocado oil , is one of the few oils that penetrate your hair. It makes your hair shinny and moisturize .
Mac nut oil hands down!
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How do you use an oil as a sealant? How much/ how/ when to apply....

Good question about the sealant and I'll be watching the answers since I'm not sure about it, but meanwhile, my favorite light oil is Beautiful Curls Shea Butter and Neem Nourishing Curl Oil, available at Whole Foods.
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