Callin all fine ladies!

All fine haired ladies that is lol I just officially started CG yesterday, my hair is down to my waist with long layers, fine (but LOTS of it), low porosity and a 2a at best. It makes sense that maybe the length is pulling some potential wave/curl out so Im looking to get a haircut in a few weeks.

My question is: has anyone ever cut their hair shorter and NOT experience a significant change in their wave/curl? I'd like to keep my hair long but Im not sure how much length I should take off. I've been growing my hair out to this length for 4 years and understandably I'm a bit nervous Thanks! HAPPY MARDI GRAS!
Interesting question. Most people see additional curliness after a cut, but I'll be interested to hear if someone has had a different experience.

Hope you enjoy the shampoo-free method!
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You are beautiful!
Usually a trim helps me tremendously and I try to go once a month if possible. I have a lot of layers and it's helped the crown area get more volume. I suppose a lot depends on whether you have just large waves to your hair or slightly more curl. I'd guess that if you have just wider waves to your pattern, then cutting a layer too short could cause flatness in areas.
2b/3a fine/med-hi density/high porosity (I think)/ highlight-no silicones/sulfates
Lo-poo - ABBA Gentle Shampoo/ Shea Moisture Curl & Shine
Conditioner: GVCB (love it!)/ Regis OO
Leave in
: As I Am
Co-Wash: Tresemme or DevaCurl NoPoo
Stylers: As I Am Curling Jelly/GF Pure Clean/ LALCurl gel - all with BRHG added
Style: scrunch/ diffuse, then air dry. I don't Have much frizz at all
Hi, If you like your length, but just want curlier hair give CG a few weeks before you decide how much to cut. My hair gained a lot of curl from doing CG.
Hair: 2a or 3a (not sure), very porous and fine as frog hair
Day 1: Cowash and condition with AO GPB, ACV Rinse,
Co-Kra gel (this stuff is fantastic)

Day 2: KCKT, KCCC, plop, KCCC, plop again, air dry
Day 3: Curly Kinks Satin Roots, Coil Jam
Day 4: IAGirl's PT, KBB DT, FSG

Co-Kra gel is my own concoction of okra boiled in coconut milk. It is a cross between FSG and KCCC and leaves my hair very soft and shiny
I was a chin length wavy and got some shorter layers put in before I realized that the curl started lower down (so the layers became straight pieces). I wouldn't go shorter than maybe chin length for shortest layer, unless your waves start at the root. Otherwise, cut whatever length you want, it'll grow back!
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Co-Wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: CJ Beauticurls,
LI: Ouidad Botanical Boost
PT/DT: Emergencee, Biolage Condish Balm
Stylers: LALSG, Aussome Volume Gel
Thanks for responding ya'll, I guess you could say I have large s waves. Dont think Im gonna cut new layers, just shape up what I already have and give it some shape. Right now it's just hanging like a curtain and not cute anymore.

Yeah Im giving CG a few weeks, Im just a planner by nature Im thinking maybe 5 inches to bring it up to bra strap length? I only cut my hair once a year usually and I just want to make sure when I do, I do it right.
29 y/o
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Rinse Out: Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave In: Tressemme Naturals Conditioner
Loves Proteins!

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My curls increase with length. When my hair was short my curls were lacking.
Most people that have less wavy hair (2a & 2b) will end up having straight hair pretty much when they cut it short, since their wave pattern increases as their hair gets longer, and because the wave pattern on those hair types do not start until pretty far down.
2c/3a some 3b/Thick/Fine texture?/High Porosity
Currently trying out the CG method again as of 1/3/12!

Current Routine:
Co-wash/RO: Trader Joe's Tea Tree Tingle
Low poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat (when needed)
Products: LA Looks Sports Gel and Curly Kinks Coil Jam

Actually my 2a waves start at my roots
29 y/o
2bc/Fine/Medium density/WSL/Low Porosity
Low Poo: Giovanni Tea Tree Triple Treat
Rinse Out: Suave Naturals Coconut
Leave In: Tressemme Naturals Conditioner
Loves Proteins!

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