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Myrna 02-21-2012 03:54 PM

Curl Keeper questions
MUST I apply this product to soaking wet hair? I dont do that with any product..I apply my products after about 5-10 min of being wrapped in a Curlease Towel...and I dont use a curl cream, either, has any one had luck with other products? Creams are too heavy for my hair.

CurlyFireHorse 02-21-2012 04:18 PM

There is no must regarding your hair. Use it the way you like. :blob8: Also I think KY jelly pretty much does the same thing, among others :toothy8:, and is way cheaper.

I tried CK both soaking wet and on damp hair. It worked pretty well, depending on the humidity, on both.

gardencurls 02-22-2012 08:24 PM

Curl Keeper's texture is almost like water. If I don't put it in really, really wet hair, my hair literally squeaks! I've found that when I use Curl Keeper with no other product, my hair gets very frizzy and fly-away when I air-dry or diffuse.

Personally, I can't use Curl Keeper by itself (I've used it successfully with Tweek on rainy days), but I'm not really sure if it does anything I really need, at this point in my hair growth (if ever). It seems to coat my hair, which would be perfect if my wet hair was in the style I want my dry hair to be. However, my hair curls and spirals as it dries, so the Curl Keeper seems to hold back my hair and change the curl pattern. I have the same problem with CJ Curls in a Bottle.

There are a couple of curl creams I love: Biotera Curl Creme and Ion Curl Shaping Creme. They both seem to be much lighter in weight than Curl Keeper, so my hair is free to shape itself. The creams moisturize and keep away frizz. I use gels all the time in the summer, and when I'm in high dew points, but in dry weather/low dew points, creams seem to soothe my hair.

You hair looks beautiful in your avatar - so keep doing whatever you're doing!

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