I have now idea how to take care of my hair

Please help! I'm sorry if this is an inappropriate place to put this but Im new and I would love some guidance. So basically as I am getting older my hair is becoming more and more curly. As a child it was pin straight, middle school it became wavy and frizzy and now its very curly. I have to admit I like it and now am accepting it. I have type 3a hair. My hair is very thick and frizzy, every stylist I go to says mine is pretty much the thickest they've seen in a while. As for humidity, I live in south florida which should explain it all. My dilemma is this; I bleached half of my hair blond, I did so every 4-6 weeks about 3 times. Now that its back to all black which is close to my natural hair color my curls just are so flat. Its as if one side of my head is 3a and the other is 2a. I got a hair cut thinking it might help and got 2 inches of damage taken off but still no change. I have no idea what to do to get my curls back and its super frustrating. I let it air dry, squeeze the water out and scrunch it. Ive stopped all heat styling completely. What should I do? Also since I dont really know whats best for my hair in general is there anything you recommend to keep my hair less frizzy, healthier and with nicer curls? As you can see the blond side is much more flat and less full then the black. Please and thank you so much!
How your hair curls does depends on your curl type and how much damage you have.

There are some good videos on Youtube on taking care of curly hair. Try looking at the Hair Rules channel, JessiCurl, channel, and Ouidad's channel. There's also Waterlilly716. These will give you a good idea of what it takes some people to style their curly hair.

Waterlilly716 also goes through what she had to do to go from pretty frizzy curls to what she has now. I'm not saying doing exactly what she did will give you exactly what she has. I am saying that the basic process of shampooing with gentle conditioners, leaving conditioner in your hair and maybe using gel is a typical routine for curly haired people.

You have to find what products and methods works best for your hair. The resources above will give you a start.
Hi Nyebird,
I am fairly new to the boards but I have had luck taking care of my curly hair. I had a lot of damage a few years ago, from relaxers and bleached highlights and frying my hair with a flat iron. It took a while to grow out, but its healthy now. The best think you can do is try a deep treatment in your hair to try to restore its health. Then you'll have to trim the damage little by little. Here is a product list to help you get started Girl with Curl
Everyone here will be super supportive, don't worry!

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