I recently got my hair cut, and I'm not sure I like it. I have naturally curly hair that is straight on top but has ringlets on the bottom. My bangs are generally straight without having to style them. no matter what i do, theres always a problem.
When I straighten them, they fall flat and straight down in front of my face which is a problem because they're long.
When I blowdry them they flip up and out...
When I air dry they get wavy and flips out really far at the side. its like, theres all my hair, and then my bangs shoot out three inches from my head on the side. What should I do?
My stylist said that when you blow dry them, you need to blow dry them in the opposite way they are supposed to lay. I don't ever blow dry my hair.. so I don't know if that would help you or not.

But maybe you're straightening them wrong?
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From what I know when I straighten my bangs, I straighten them at an angle. I'm guessing you want to have bangs that are on the side aka side swept bangs. If that's true, try turning your straightener as you move you hair to the side or just experiment with the angle
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Great advice, ladies!
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