Help!Question For Those Who Use Cloth Rollers On Hair...

I have been trying to find those cloth-strip rollers that people use to roll hair that look like little bits of cloth and then you twist-tie to secure them in place.

I saw Brooke Hogan using them before a shoot and it reminded me that I wanted to check them out, but I couldn't remember what they are called...
I thought they might be a nice way to do a dry set on flatironed hair, but am not sure where to find them.

Does anyone know (what type of roller that is and) where I can find them online (or at Sally's or Rick's something)?

Thanks a lot!
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Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book
Emperor Hair & Skin Recipe Book
Maybe these?

Also, Remington makes a set of cloth hot rollers.

Probably it would be possible just to make them out of strips of cloth.
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Exactly! Thanks so much, Suzen!

and-Sorry Moderators- I wasn't sure where to post as it wasn't a curly question per-se', and I didn't see a thread on non-rollers else I would have posted there...
Thanks again,

I think I just found them
Conair Soft Curlers
and Luxor Pillow Soft Curlers
in the pipeline:
Goddess Hair & Skin Recipe Book
Emperor Hair & Skin Recipe Book

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