I have been dabbling with various shampoos, conditioners, some with cones and now my hair is basically rebelling and not playing nice anymore, my curls that were starting to come back and be nice and well formed are now a straggly bitty looking mess with no definition.
I have clarified this morning and as of now am back on a very simple routine.
Wash with Mastey Triate cream shampoo ( I ADORE this stuff!)
Condition with Natures Gate Biotin conditioner
Before bed apply some Panacea hair balm.
I really must try to get back into leaving it to air dry too as lately I have been giving it the once over with a blow dryer, I never leave it in one area and I do keep it at arms length but even so I am convinced that its not doing my fine hair any favours.
I will also be doing protein treatments at least twice a week as I have discovered that my hair cannot get enough of it, it gets beautifully soft, the curls have bounce and the shine is amazing, so I will keep doing that, my hair seems to lose it very quickly so I need to replace it a lot!!!
Anyway, sorry for the ramble but I just thought I would put it out there, so I can read it again when I feel the urge to try something else