Considering CG

I know that I'm supposed to steer clear of 'cones, but are there any other ingredients I should avoid if I'm trying out CG?
For most people, heavy oils, including mineral oil, and waxes should be avoided. Some non-shampooers get buildup from proteins and many do not, so that is a very individual thing you can only find out through experimentation. You will also want to avoid drying alcohols, like ethanol, isopropyl, or denatured alcohol. (There are also fatty alcohols, like cetyl and cetearyl, which are fine for hair, just to confuse things.)
Is this gel CG? I know it has proteins in it, but my hair seems to like them:

purified water, PVP VA copolymer, glycerin, sorbitol, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin B5, panthenol, keratin protein, chamomile extract, silk protein, polysorbate-20, triethanolamine, carbomer, disodium EDTA, fragrance, methylparaben, methylchioroisothiazolinone, methlisothiazolinone, and benzophenone.

I sure hope it is CG, because it is my favorite gel and only $1.94 at Walmart for 16 oz.
It has a good bit of protein, but if you're not sensitive to that, it looks fine otherwise.

Usually the tipoff of being protein-sensitive is that the product works great at first, but after you use it several days in a row, it doesn't work any more and your hair might be poofy or dry-feeling. Some people don't mind proteins in conditioners but don't do well with proteins in stylers. If your hair is okay with proteins, that's great!
If you are considering CG, I highly recommend reading the Curly Girl book by Lorraine Massey.

It contains everything you need to know for the CG routine. I think its a great book for any curly, even if they aren't cg.
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