3c hair with bangs? Good idea or bad idea?

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All I have 3c hair and I was thinking about getting side bangs on the front. I would want them straight and I'm willing to straighten them everyday. I have long hair and it's to my shoulders. They would start from my eyebrow at the left side and start getting longer to the right and stop at my ear. Should I get them or no?
I believe the general consensus is that really curly hair plus straight bangs is hideous. I personally have never seen any instances in which that style looked good.

Why do you prefer to have straight bangs? There are plenty of 3cs who have curly bangs (which are nothing like straight bangs) and they look great.

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I just want to do what I want to do when I want to do it.
Ultimately you go with what you want and your hair will always grow out. Personally, I don't like the look of curly hair with straight bangs. I find that it looks like you have two heads of hair - it doesn't flow well.

I used to have bangs and they were the source of stress for me! Sounds silly now, but I wouldn't want to go back. If there was any humidity, I got too hot, there was any snow or rain, etc etc., my hair would start to frizz. I was constantly running to the bathroom to check on my bangs. I would straighten them every morning and would hope they lasted. They seldom did. Once I let my bangs grow out, it didn't matter what the weather did. Letting my bangs grow out and going with the curl was a big part of accepting my hair the way it is.

I have come to really like my hair. I never felt that way when I had bangs.
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I have 2c hair with side swept bangs...and I always keep them straight. I really like, I think it's cute, and it's not hard at all. I mean, it just takes a few minutes to straighten them, and then you're done.

Here's a pic..

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I believe the general consensus is that really curly hair plus straight bangs is hideous. I personally have never seen any instances in which that style looked good.
Originally Posted by midgi
Yeah.... super super curly hair doesn't go with straightened bangs. Mixing 2 textures is never a good idea. Those with looser curls can get away with it, but I think 3c's pushing it.

Prime example:
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