Newish curly.... Wondering....

I am trying to go cg again after a couple years of not really styling my hair. I was wondering if anyone else's hair sort of freaked out when they started? This is really only my first day. I did a clarifying wash and henna/protein treatment yesterday which gave me a lot of volume, shine and what I would have classified as 3a curls. Today, after following my cg routine, I have hair that runs the gamut from almost straight to some that appear to be 3b on the top and straight on the bottom! Help! My hair is fine to med and med to low porosity.
I know many people go through an adjustment period, but that's more in relation to greasy scalp; I haven't personally heard anyone have sudden issues with curl pattern as part of going CG. What products are you using? Are you using any techniques (plopping, diffusing, etc)? If you post more info about what you're doing and using, there's a better chance that someone might spot something that could cause problems.

I would suggest keeping a hair journal- it will help you narrow down things that work and don't work for you. And keep asking questions- everyone here is full of advice!

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Thanks Corrina for responding! You gave me some good advice in the other thread about the moroccan oil I realized that most of my styling products had cones in them. So today I washed my hair with a gentle baby shampoo(it took 2 rounds to feel like I got everything out of my hair!) Then I co-washed with Deva No Poo, detangled with VO5 Silk Experiences Shea and Cashmere. I completely rinsed my hair then used a bit of the No Poo as a leave in and poured a large cup of cool water over my hair to help seal everything in. I scrunched with my t-shirt, applied some Deva Angell then added a bit more water to clump everything back together. Last I used LA Looks Polish Perfect on top. I have plopped for about 15 min and am just going to let everything air dry since I am not going anywhere today.
I bought the little Deva starter kit a couple weeks ago, which is what inspired my to give cg a try again. I love them but can't really afford to continue buying the full size bottles. So I am trying the grocery store route
I plan to continue with the VO5 for my rinse out and have some Suave Naturals Sweetpea and Violet for my co-wash when the Deva is gone. I went through and got rid of everything that had cones in it... i think... I still have Garnier Fructis Pure Clean Finishing Cream (it has beeswax? is that a potential problem?), Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray, Organix Nourishing Coconut Milk Weightless Mousse(it has dimethicone copolyol so maybe not a good idea?) I also have some coconut oil that I heard might be good.
I have already learned so much in the week I have been reading on here. This will be quite the journey for sure! A hair journal is a great idea, though if the hubby found out he would laugh!
So, did the whole routine and after it dried I scrunched with the tiniest bit of coconut oil, adding some extra to my what now appear to be very happy springy 3a curls underneath because the had gotten a bit frizzed.

Guess what!! beautifully happy, shiny, bouncy hair!! yay!! I have not used any of the other products I have. I think I may just let it be happy for a while before I try anything else

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