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Jas76 03-02-2012 01:53 PM

How important is a cut?
So I'm at least 4 months (maybe 5?) since my last cut. My hair is of course more tangly than usual, and it's a little... Heavy. The curls are sagging.

I've been doing a lot of protein lately, but I also give a lot of moisture, and it doesn't feel overly dry.

I've been out of my FSG, too, and haven't ha a chance to make more.

I clarified not long ago, but maybe I should again.

It's also been a while since I did a gelatin treatment...

So I guess I'm asking, in your experience, how much has needing a cut affected your curl pattern?

My last cut was a Devacut - my first ever. Not sure if that makes a difference or not.
And I'm sure just the added length is making it heavier and pulling on the curl, too.

I think it's likely a combo of issues for me - as is often the case - but I'm wondering what percentage of that is the cut? (or lack there of, in this case!)

Jas76 03-02-2012 09:26 PM


kathymack 03-03-2012 07:43 AM

IMHO, cut is the foundation for great hair. I understand that Deva cuts are supposed to last longer. The fact that your ends are tangling is one indicator that it's time for a cut, especially since it's not typical for you. I suspect a good cut will cure a lot of your issues.

AngryLobster 03-03-2012 10:39 AM

Maybe I'm just some kind of freak, but I hardly ever get my hair cut. Seriously, like once a year. When I do, it doesn't seem to change my curl pattern at all, and I only get it done because my hair is getting to the "freakishly long" point, not because it's looking mangy.

Maybe this is because my hair is extremely fine, so it doesn't weigh itself down? I'm not sure. At any rate, there's never any huge change that happens when I chop.

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