Wet-to-Straight Flat/Ceramic Irons? Recommendations?

I really never thought about straightening my hair---well, not in the last 20 years or so---but yesterday my sister, who is much curlier than I am-strong 3/4 combo-told me she's been using one of these flat irons made by Remington (ceramic w/teflon over it). She loves it, and says her hair isn't getting damaged at all since there's no blow-drying. I was wondering if anyone here has used other brands and would love some feedback. Also, are there non-silicone stylers meant to use before/after straightening? I don't really have time to straighten often, but if it would last a few days at a time without damaging my hair, it may be worth it once in awhile. Thanks much in advance .
She might say that her hair isn't damaged, but did it look damaged?
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Personally I would stay away from a wet to straight flat iron. Those things pretty much BLAST so much heat on your hair- it HAS TO be damaging. but that's just my opinion.

When I used to straighten, I would blow dry then flat iron. That always gave me great results. A product rec is Tigi Control Freak serum. It can be used for curly and straight styling.
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yea, those flatirons are the devil.
i second everything smallfry said!
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I'm sure those straighteners aren't GREAT for your hair, but I'd say it depends on how much you use. it. I have the Remington straightener and I really like it, but I only use it about 6 times a year (mostly because I'm lazy - it still takes me 3 hours). Still, I highly recommend it. Also, I use Sally's Ion Flat iron Spray. Not sure if it has silicones, but the product is amazing. If I don't use it my hair looks more dull and takes longer to straighten.
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Thanks much for the replies. My sister lives up north, so I haven't seen her or her hair to determine damage, but she's been dealing with her hair for a very long time, so I accept her judgment re:damage. I would love to see her with straight hair, I mean non-fuzzy, flowing straight hair, though. I did see a Vidal Sassoon *Wet-to-Set* iron that has heat adjustment to use wet or dry, so I may research that further. Still not sure I want to go that route ...

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