Not factoring climates and dewpoints

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I never used to but i can def see a difference in my hair when I do, it only takes a couple seconds on my phone app to look before I hop in the shower, for me if it's in the 30s or below no glycerin products, above for me is fine I know some ppl don't use glycerin over 60 either but I haven't not used it then. if I do use it when it's in 30s or below my hair is extremely dry for days. so I just avoid it then.
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I looked up dew points here for last night and today- they're around 11. But I still got pretty good results with Curl Keeper last night. I'm completely baffled now.
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I've been using CK alone in dew points 12 and under with fantastic results. I don't really have the time or patience to keep up with the the weather. I was just curious the times I used CK and was surprised because I thought it worked better in high dews? Either way, I'm LoVing it! I do use a moisturizing leave in with it and maybe that helps? Either way, it's working for me. Just hope it continues to work all year.
Try keeping a hair diary which includes dew points, and an entry at the end of the day about how your hair held up. If there's a pattern, that should help you find it.

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