Touching hair habit

I cannot seem to break the terrible habit of constantly touching my hair. I even twist it, which I know is damaging it. What has worked for you?

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Hi FuzzyMonster. I know exactly what you mean. I also have this kind of neurotic habit, and it's even worse, because I tend to play with it and twist it under my nose while holding it with my lips (as a mustache) while i'm thinking.

what can we do? shave our heads??

let me know if you came up with anything


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I did try cutting it really short, and that didn't even help! Sometimes it helps to braid it (a least that way I'm messing with just the very ends). But braiding curly hair all the time isn't good for it, either. I've tried rubberbanding my fingers together, but I always find a way around that, too!

I hope someone who's broken this habit offers some ideas! Thanks for helping me know I'm not alone! It probably seems kind of silly to be worried about this, but it is very annoying.

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Oh my gosh I know exactly how you feel! If I leave my hair down I just play with it, and I have this weird unconscious habit of smelling my hair while I'm studying. The only way I've been able to stop is putting it up, but in a bun. I'll just play with the curls in a ponytail or messy bun. I wish there was a better way to avoid touching with my hair, because I know putting it up all the time causes more breakage.
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I can't respond to this problem directly, but when I had a nail-biting problem, I stopped it by grooming (filing, cleaning, applying lotion) the nails instead. So, if you can find another way to occupy your hands while thinking: doodling, fiddling with a pencil, or some other thing that keeps your hands out of your hair. Having some other thing in your hands rather than your hair might help. Grooming the hair of a Troll doll (showing my age), or something like that?
Grooming my rough collie helps!

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I totally have tuis problem too--always touching, playing with or picking at my hair (that ones REALLY bad). Try a worrystone so occupy your fingers. Anything small and smooth will do the trick.

At night I pick a lot because I read before bed so I've been using a sleep cap. It's hard to mess with your hair when it's covered by a cloth :/. Good luck!
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I agree with Sara. I started wearing beanies so that I can't touch it.

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Lol yes I have the same problem. I can't keep my hands out of my hair! I have this bad habit of taking my hair, stretching and looking at it. I'm constantly checking the ends, feeling for knots, looking at my scalp, checking for softness, etc. I don't know how to stop lol. In the words of the very cute sesame street clip "I love my hair!"

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These are all great suggestions--thanks! I think my problem starts when I touch it to see if it's dry yet, to see if it's time to scrunch out the crunch. Maybe I should try looking in the mirror instead. I will also try having something else in my hands. Even playing with a necklace would be better.

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woow so nice to see that im not alone! i do this as well, especialy when im bored, ive tried putting it up, but somtimes i still do play with it. i put oil on my nails and that seems to keep my fingers busy for a bit..... or ill just play with one bit near my ear or temple, that i can easily hide. i just tuck it behind my ear.

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