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beeduh 03-11-2012 10:08 AM

holy bananas!
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I think yesterday was the best hair day ever. I did a PT with the ION repair stuff from sallys and the biotera moisturizing DT. I used the sample packs, but I'm considering buying the bottles. Also I used SM curling milk and the Giovanni gel that thickens hair. And that was it.

Now, for day 2. It would have looked slightly better, but my curling iron I just bought died this morning. I was going to touch up the hair around my face because they are spastic curls. Hah. Anyway, depsite a little frizz from diffusing my 2nd day hair looks pretty good. It feels producty so there will be no day 3 for me with this, but maybe I will get there. :]

The pic I have posted is my 2nd day hair. Does anyone have any product suggestions for 2nd day hair? I had to add more giovanni gel and used the Curls 2nd day spray. I also smooth it a little with some more SM curl milk and jojoba oil.

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