Hair dryer that blows air out fast?

Ok, so I just bought a new hair dryer because my previous one broke, and it is absolutely god-awful. I feel like it barely blows out any air, and it just took me 2 hours to dry my hair...which is now limp and looks terrible.

So, does anyone have any suggestions for hair dryers that blow out air at a fast speed? And are relatively cheap? Please help, I can't go walking around looking like this for much longer!
I had a conair (don't know the model - silver with purple/burgandyish diffuser included) that was reasonably priced and worked really well and for many years (10+). I just bought a T3 online, Amazon had it for $60 something (diffuser is extra $10), but I absolutely love it, it dries super fast. I think the more expensive pro ones dry quicker, but regular, cheaper ones do the job too, just takes longer!
FIA: 2b-c/f/i, normal porosity/elasticity I think?

Current favs:
lo-poo: Giovanni
Co-Wash: V05 Kiwi Lime
RO: CJ Beauticurls,
LI: Ouidad Botanical Boost
PT/DT: Emergencee, Biolage Condish Balm
Stylers: LALSG, Aussome Volume Gel
Conair is good brand of hair dryers
I have the old school classic white one that cost about 20.00 from Target. I have had this one for 3-4 yrs lost try but it loud,powerfull and get hot fast

I also have one most recent ones Purple/Pink combo color that has tourmanline that one is great as well except it takes longer to dry the hair you will end up with blow air but takening twice as long compare to the older models of conair.

You also taken into count sally beauty supply always haves especials but I have not bought from them yet since, I have 4 total. I only use two of them of 4 of them.

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