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Rachael1226 03-13-2012 05:09 AM

Embracing my curl, Please advise me!!
Ok So I just started reading and learning all about everything and I know its all gonna take trial and error and will always variate but since everything in my shower has to go before I buy new I wanted some advice.

My hair naturally curls itself in beginning of winter regardless of what I am trying to get it to do, then goes crazy come spring! I always tells stylist that my hair changes its mind and does whatever it wants. If I try to embrace the curl it just goes limp, if I spend painstakingly long amounts of time on trying to straighten it, it waves and frizzes endlessly.

From everything I've read I have no idea what kind of hair I have because the top is flat and straighter while everything from top of my ears and back are curly ringlets when they feel like it. So sorta wavy, curly.

I definitely have overly porous hair from reading and testing from some of the blogs. I thought I had fine hair but the hair poofing east to west is a very apt description of my hair, so I'm leaning towards coarse.
Since the solution for coarse vs fine is basically opposite, I am at a loss of what to try first.

My hair is only shoulder length has taken years to get this long, it always requires more color or conditioner or any other product stylist use on it, so I assume moisture is my biggest problem. Now I just need help on how to get the moisture in!!

I'm really excited to have found this site and all assoiciated blogs. I don't think anyone can understand the support you need when you have curly hair like others who have it!!!
Thank you so much!

Corrina777 03-13-2012 05:21 AM

Embracing my curl, Please advise me!!
Welcome! One thing to remember is that your hair doesn't necessarily know that it's supposed to act a certain way, so be prepared for some possible surprises along the way.

I would still try some protein because you said your hair is overly porous. Whether your hair is fine or coarse (and many of us were wrong when we first guessed texture), I would absolutely follow protein with lots of moisture.

I think everyone should try co-washing, but don't beat yourself up if you don't like it. Straight co-washing doesn't work for everyone. I suggest a very light conditioner for co-washing and a heavier conditioner as a rinse out/leave-in.

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Libra_Moon 03-13-2012 05:49 AM

Straight co washing does work for many.
Its hard to get used to, especially for those who have oiler scalps. I straight co wash and can go a week between washings (never have but could) but my hair is not naturally oily in the least, intact I add oils daily. Harder to now that I don't brush, but still happens.

SOUNDS like a 2 something, but pictures show better. And over time, can change.

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Corrina777 03-13-2012 08:31 AM

Thanks libra moon- my fingers weren't typing what my brain was thinking- I fixed my original post.

Some people find they can survive on co-washing alone. Others need an occasional low-poo or clarifying shampoo. Sometimes this can change over time as your hair get healthier.

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Rachael1226 03-13-2012 09:08 AM

Thank you both for you input! I'm planning on trying cowash, so I guess I'll see how it goes and go from there!
Thank You for your advice!

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