Anyone ever had a problem with hair serum

I am talking about hair serum in general. I use to love apply hair serum since it use to help leave my hair soft for last week. I have not been using hair serum because one big bottle like CHI spill out in plastic door. I even clean it up with dish soap it seem to take a whlie before got clean like left some type of junk residue.

I love sally one n only - argan oil - I am wondering if this cause the hair to stick together
I used One n' Only Argan Oil for a few weeks before I learned about CG. I have pics from those days and I had more frizz then than I do now. And I really don't use hair serums anymore. It amazed me that conditioner and gel could do what hair serum and expensive styling products couldn't.

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Thanks for your feed back. I might just throw out hair serum. I seem to have better day since, I ditch out the hair serum. I just use v05 shampoo and conditioner got better hair today odd normally it feel dry but much better today. I have no idea i guess less build up or none.

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