Preparing for for 2nd day hair

I wanna attempt 2nd day hair for the first time. I went and bought a sleep cap and oils to prepare but I need some tips on what to do the night before to achieve the best results. I know to pineapple but wasn't sure if I should add anything to my hair the night before. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!😜
I've always just tossed my hair into a pineapple, with or without a sleep cap. However, adding in some oil probably wouldn't hurt. It sounds like you're as prepared as you need to be

The real challenge comes in the morning....
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Everyone's hair is different. If you could tell us what type of hair you have, some of the people with similar hair types could maybe tell you what they do for their hair.
I could tell you what I do with my hair at night, but unless you have similar hair, it might not work for you.
That's me with FSG as my styler!!

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