Black hair vs white hair?

I'm inclined to agree with Portae. I also believe it's more of a matter of hair texture (fine, normal, coarse) rather than curl tightness. Not everyone who has straight hair has fine/normal hair, and not everyone who has kinky hair has coarse hair. For some reason, these terms are often seen as interchangeable. From your description, my hair sounds similar to yours. I'm also biracial (white Puerto Rican mother with straight hair and African-American father with kinky hair) with a mixture of 3b/3c hair.

The few times a year I get my hair straightened, it's at Dominican salons where they blowdry it straight. My hair always comes out silky smooth and almost looks like my mother's naturally straight hair.

3b/c fine corkscrews and spirals. Naked hair above.

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I'm white with very coarse hair, but it's just barely 3A. I can't straighten my hair without it being frizzy and "lumpy".
My hair's 3b and when I straigtened it I could get it very nearly straight apart from near the roots where it had a slight wave. I think it has more to do with texture than curl tightness, hair condition will also play part but not for me because my hair was fried when I was straigtening.
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hey mama,
pm me and I'll give you some tips on str8ing your hair. I have coarse hair and I manage to get it looking very good. Granted it is very thick...if you go to my myspace page, you'll see in my pics my hair str8 and my hair curly.

Mama, you have to accept that your hair isn't going to be fine and limp when you straighten it. That's the way it is with "ethinic" or just plain coarse hair. My girl, Tanya is russian and the chick got hair like a black girl....however you flip it, it is what it is and you gotta work with it.
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I used to straighten my hair a WHOLE lot a few years ago. When i first started I bought a chi flat iron, and it looked HORRIBLE. I later bought a much cheaper flat iron because it was reccomended to me (hot tools) and it made my hair perfectly straight. Wierd. I dont use it anymore, but I thought that might be helpful :P
I think it depends on the individual more than the racial background. I'm a 3b/3c with a mix of fine and medium strands and my hair turns out pretty straight and silky when straightened. Like eccentric kurlz said, I think the health of your hair makes a huge difference. No matter what type of hair you have, if it's unhealthy it won't look good straightened.
I'm not bashing any type of hair. I really don't want to offend anyone, or make this some crazy race discussion but I have a question.

I am biracial, my father is black and my mother is white. My curls fit somewhere between 3b and 3c. When I straighten my hair, it is on the poofy side, looks fried and you can just tell that my hair is not naturally straight.

I used to work with a girl who had curly hair. She was white, but straightened her hair every day and it looked like her hair was naturally straight.

Is this a race thing? Or just a matter of curly type? People with 2-3a hair seem to have finer silkier hair. While people with 3b+ hair it seems to be coarser and more prone to frizz. And in my experience white people have the first type, and other races have the latter.

Yet again please don't be offended by this. In general I like my own hair and don't feel like anyone should be pressured into fitting a certain mold. I just wish I could straighten my hair once in awhile for a change and it could look normal.
Originally Posted by tgreyz
I saw the pics of your straightened hair, and at least in the pic, it didn't look poofy or fried! It looked good - it just had the odd flyaway and bump which if you brushed it down and wrapped it could probably be fixed.

I'm multiracial and my hair is 3b/3cish and doesn't look that good when I do it myself - if I try to straighten my own hair, it never goes really straight. But my stylist can make it amazingly silky and straight. It still has a lot of volume because that's just my hair, but it is straight. Which makes me think that technique/the amount of tension you are able to put on the hair is the main factor in straightening, not hair type.

In terms of chemical straightening, my hair was always resistant to that too. My stylist used to say that my type of curl was much harder to straighten than most heads of tighter curls (4a and 4b) so I think that the type of hair you and I have is very resistant.

My hair is coarse, but I don't think all 3b/c's are. Some have fine hair, some silky, some cottony, some a blend.... it all depends. Same with 3as or any other hair type.

I also think hair thickness is a factor in straightening. I have insanely thick hair - like we're talking a 9 or 10 inch ponytail base! as well as quite a bit of length - so that makes it much harder than a 3 or 4 inch ponytail would be. The more hair you have the more patience you need and your hair is going to start airdrying so you have to keep wetting it... it's much easier with a stylist's help. My stylist sometimes takes 3 or 4 hours to press my hair straight, but it will last forever. I also cannot get nice looking straight hair with a flat iron - it HAS to be a hot comb that can get right to the roots, and I have to wrap it all the time when I am home or in bed.

In terms of race, I think not only texture, but also curl pattern, can tend to differ between different ethnicities. I notice that a white person with 3b or 3b/c hair tends to have a different curl pattern than a Black/mixed person with the same curl size (not always, but often.) Very tightly curled Black hair, like 4a or 4b, has a flat, ribbon-like cuticle while less curly Caucasian hair has an oval cuticle and straighter hair has a round cuticle (I think that's correct - anyway, the cuticle shape is different.) So I think those of us who have partial African ancestry and partial "other" ancestry have a partially flat cuticle but not AS flat, where those of European descent with curly hair tend to have a round cuticle. Because I notice that "our" curls tend to have a different shape and pattern - they are often more of a "coil" and less of a "spiral" if that makes sense. Or we will have the very S-shaped curls. I would describe "our" curls as corkscrews and many white peoples' curls as ringlets. I think our curls also tend to be more defined and clumped and distinguishable from each other even though they are very small curls and a lot of white peoples' hair tends to stick together more naturally, if that makes sense. Like, Nicole Kidman and Keri Russell's natural hair has a different look and quality than Tracee Ellis Ross or Rachel True's natural hair.

Of course, with all the race mixing and crossing over the years, and all the things we do to our hair, you never really know what peoples' backgrounds are and there is nothing really definitive when it comes to hair and who has what type. There are genetic tendencies but I think looking at hair as "Black" or "white" doesn't really make a whole lot of sense with all the diversity we have as people.

Tgreyz, I think if you found a really good stylist to straighten your hair you would be amazed at how nice it could look.
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I am white, but of Greek heritage. My hair definately does not look natural when blown out straight. I've only ever had one person blow it out to the point that it was "perfect" and it was so fried after that, I had to DC and protein it to death for the curls to recover. I have thin, fine 3a/b hair.
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