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Volleyball_3 11-10-2003 07:22 PM

Should I get a perm? Half curly hair half straight hair

Hey CG's!
Okay I've written this in a post before about how my hair is very dry. I didn't get into the fact that my hair is super weird! Well when I was like in kindergarten and all through 6th grade my hair had spiral curls. But now that I'm in 8th grade I'm actually starting to put my hair down a lot. It doesn't look good! The bottom layers are straight and frizzy and the top layers are curly and frizzy. I got a haircut this summer, I thought it would help if my long layers were cut short. It didn't help at all! I'm confused on what to do! My mom suggested that I get a perm to even out my hair.
Should I or should I not? I'm getting desperate about my hair because I've tried a lot of products. First I tried doing avocado oil leave ins for my hair each week. I've tried La Bella Curls Gel and Herbal Essences Mousse. I've tried this aloe vera treatment that my friend suggested for my dry hair.
Please Help! :?

goldielox2826 11-11-2003 01:02 AM

this wont help much...
I am kind of in the same situation. i wear my hair up a lot lately because i am trying to grow it out to a certain length before i feel comfortable wearing it down. Anyways, when i do put it down i noticed that some of it is straight and some wavy/curly. It is very frustrating! I dont know how thick your hair is, but if it is very thick, i would not recommend getting a perm.. i think that will make your hair drier..hmm im not sure what you should do. :roll: I love curly hair because it is unique.. anyways, maybe you just need to find some new styles that will work with your hair to make it more even. Good luck! :wink:

GooCurlGirl 11-11-2003 05:05 AM

Before you do that. I would like to suggest going to Sally beauty supply and trying a tube of the Beyond the zone "Noodle head"
I have half curly/straight hair.
This stuff has given me curls all over.
I now have my morning routine down to just one product that I scrunch in. What a time saver and wallet saver.
The stuff is only $5 and I just can't say enough about it.

brookly 11-11-2003 09:43 AM

i second the noodle head. it's wonderful stuff. i used it again last night, hadn't used it in a while, and my head is full of pretty, soft, no frizz curls. i have been warned that it does build up, so be careful. i use jessicurl's cream cleanser and from what i have read on here, that does wash it out.

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