Sleep refreshes my curls - why?

I'm pretty new here, but from what I've read so far, it seems like sleep can often be problematic for curly hair - causing flatness, frizz, and tangles.

Thus far, I've found the opposite. If I wear my hair down when I go to bed, I seem to get the best 2nd day hair results I've seen so far. (My pillows have normal cotton cases, for what it's worth.) Yesterday, my hair was limp and not very curly. When I woke up this morning, I had more curl and more volume. (More frizz, too, unfortunately.)

I'm trying to figure out why this is the case. I wonder if perhaps I'm sweating while I sleep, and that's why my hair is more curly in the morning.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any insights? Thanks in advance!
Sleeping is always an adventure for me! Sometimes a pineapple works for me, sometimes it pulls out to much curl. sometimes sleeping with it down is great, other times it is a huge frizzy mess! lol I think sleeping conditions have something to do with it. Like last night it was a little warmer in my room so I think I did sweat more than usual and have woken up to big bouncy curls.

Are you putting anything on your hair(conditioner, gel, oils)? Some of the ladies do and that could affect how your hair behaves. I would suggest keeping track of what you are doing to your hair each day and taking note of your sleeping conditions to. That way you can attempt to re-create them if you like the results!

Also, what is your cleansing/conditioning schedule? It is possible that your hair needs a day to adjust to whatever you have put on it? This process involves a lot of experimenting, lol.

I actually already am keeping a hair journal thanks to some advice on another thread! It's a good idea.

I've been pretty consistent with what I do with my hair for the last week or so. About every other day, I 'poo with TJ Nourish Spa, and I use Tresemmé Naturals as a rinse-out. After I rinse (upside-down), I spritz in Deva Set It Free, and then I apply Deva ArcAngel. I also generally apply Aussie Aussome Volume mousse.

I was unable to use the mousse recently, since I was traveling - everything else was easy to fit into the TSA-approved bottles.

I haven't really been doing much with my 2nd day hair; sometimes I've spritzed in Set It Free or Mister Right.

The "sleep refreshment" seems to happen regardless of when I last washed my hair, as long as I sleep with my hair down (and not in a bun or ponytail, etc.).
I don't know if this has anything to do with it, but i also tend to have good second day hair no matter what I do with my hair while I sleep, and I think it's because I toss and turn a lot so my waves don't have a chance to get crushed. I also use cotton pillowcases and I don't do a pineapple because it ends up putting a line in my fine hair.
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you know, after reading this thread last night I decided to give it a go, not sleeping in a pineapple w/cap as I usually do.

I scrunched in a tiny bit of EVOO before bed, and put on a satin bandanna thing my mom bought me, just to cover the top and a bit of the back of my head.... huh, my hair was much better this morning than when I pineapple!

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