Idk about all the dew points, humidity yada yadas when it comes to hair. But I have been wanting to straighten my hair for a while and was thinking bout doin it today.... It was supposed to rain but now its not.... But the humidity is still high my dad told me(I live in Oklahoma so I dont really pay attn to all of it except the 'suggested' temps and I always have back up clothes jackets shoes shirts jeans shorts whatever with me lol ya its that bad sometimes!) But since its not supposed to rain I was going to straighten cuz I know I can't do it if it rains or it will just frizz and curl but will the humidity fo the same?

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I don't recommend straightening your hair with high dew points. It will make your hair "poofy" since the water in the air will make your hair revert back to its natural state. It might help to use cones and other products that coat your hair and block out water.
I don't straighten my hair if it's humid. When I do straighten I use cones and even they're no good in the battle against frizz and pouffiness if it's humid.
3b in South Australia.

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