when will my curls come back?!

Hey everyone,
I have a problem. Like 2 months ago I used a straightening iron for the first time on my curls and now they still are not back to normal. They're more wavy than curly. Will they ever get their spring back? I just can't believe that straightening it would permanently change it. Everyone told me my curls would be fine after I washed them...they were so wrong!
was it in good shape before you straightened it? is it in good shape now? you may have dried out or even burned your hair when you straightened it, if you didn't do it properly. if you have just dried out your hair, you should try using a very moisturizing condish until your hair is back to normal. if you have actually burned/scorched your hair, you may just need to wait for the damage to grow out. Hopefully though, it is just dried out and will go back to normal once you have it all nice and hydrated again!

well actually my hair doesn't appear to be too damaged. It's not dried out or anything. It actually feels quite moisturized. The curls are just totally limp. I used to have spiral curls and now I have waves at the very most.

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