I have been using PP for a couple of months now. At first I loved the results. Lately, my hair at the back of my neck is getting very tangled and dry. I have tried using several different leave ins., curl rehab, beauticurls leave in, argan and olive oil, curl fix...but still get that very dry tangled hair underneath. Not sure if it is the PP. I thought my hair may need more protein so I tried a protein treatment but still after a few uses of PP I get the same dry, puffy underneath hair. Is anyone else having this trouble as well. I really liked this gel and didn't think there was any drying ingredient in it. Any thoughts?

Also, I have experimented with many r/o..curl rehab, strengthening cond., smoothing cond., smoothing lotion...still same results.

Would topping it with CIAB make it more moisturizing?