Nature's Gate Conditioner

Has anyone used the Nature's Gate Jojoba Conditioner? Should it be used as a Co-Wash, RO or LI?

I used it today with CJDF, CJPP and GDLI. My hair is a dry, straight, frizzy mess. I'm unsure if my hair doesn't like it or if the products I used simply don't work together.

I'm waiting on my LCLF hair analysis. Based on what I've read, my hair properties are: Fine, Low Porosity, Thin Density. I'm unsure of my Elasticity.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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The dryness and frizziness could be due to the hydrolyzed proteins that the product contains. I use the hemp conditioner as a pt, but it can be used as a pt, co wash, ro or leave in. So long as your hair likes/needs protein
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Thanks Rimi! I will try that one. The jojoba one was not for me. Although I'd ever used the CJ products either, so who knows. I'm still wading in the baby pool regarding what my hair likes/dislikes. I can't wait until I figure this mess out. 

Fat Thumbs + iPhone = Errors 

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