Any ideas? Please!

<----That's me. 4 months ago. My hair is now black and a huge puff-ball! I've tried putting baby oil in it, this worked kind of, it still frizzed badly and made my hair feel icky! >.< I've tried lotion, that didn't work, the frizz just came back. I even tried getting a perm, my hair fluffed not even 5 minutes after I left the salon. Nothing works and its making me mad! Straightening it just takes hours and looks awful! I really need some help. No one in my family or any of my friends have hair like mine, I come from a pin-straight haired family that has no idea what I go through so their no help. No One Can Help Me! Please someone, I'm desperate!

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I know being a curly girl can be really frustrating at times. If it's any consolation, lots of people in my family have curly hair and none of us ever knew what to do with it! Thank goodness for this board!!

How much reading have you done here? You'll get lots of really good, helpful information. You should probably start by figuring out your hair's properties, if you haven't done so already. Once you know its properties, you can read about which ingredients/products to avoid and which works for your hair type. The best advice I can give you is to read as much as you can here and make a list of questions about anything you don't understand and then we can help answer your questions and hopefully steer you in the right direction.

Besides that...are you shampooing? Are you using regular conditioner and/or leave-in conditioner? What do you use to style...gel, mousse, etc.? Do the products you use now contain silicones? (This is a big one as far as build-up and the ability of your hair to absorb moisture. If you give us some more information, we can make some suggestions.

Good luck!!

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