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Hi, I just have a quick question about my hair. A year ago, my hair used to be very long and pretty. Then, over the summer, I got a haircut, which left my hair extremely short. My hair has grown since then, but not very much. It is still very short. When my hair is wet it is at a length that I am comfortable with, but as it dries, it springs back up. I use conditioner every day and have been experimenting with different products to see which work on my hiar, but I have not found anything yet. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I can put in my hair after I come out of the shower and have it not become shorter as it dries? Anything would be appreciated.

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Shrinkage is just a fact of life with curly hair. However, there are some products that may elongate your curls. This thread might help:
Products that have glycerin, natural oils or butters listed high up on their ingredient listing all work well in combating shrinkage. Also in combating shrinkage, using products that give the least amount of hold are better too. And when applying your styling products to your hair in order, raking works best in order to keep your curls looking more elongated.

One big thing that helps my hair in combating shrinkage, is applying my styling products to my hair while it is soaking wet after I wash my hair. That way I am able to seal in moisture and lock out frizz and major shrinkage as well.

Also hair that is being fingercombed only will shrink up more than hair that is being combed or brushed. If you aren't already doing this, try combing or brushing your hair either while it has conditioner in it or when it is wet. As this is great to do in order to see your curls look more elongated.
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