Fuzzy /frizzy halo

Hi! I'm having trouble with a fuzzy halo. I think I have 2b/2c hair, very thick. Most of my curls look pretty good, except for a fuzzy halo. I've tried just a deep treatment from ouidad. It hasn't helped and I air dry my hair. I was wondering if maybe I needed to do a pt and a dt? If i do that do you leave the pt on all night and then do the dt right after or maybe later that night? Thanks for any help.
It's very difficult to give you an answer without knowing more about your hair, its properties and your products/routines.

I have fine hair. I tend to get frizzies when I've over-conditioned my hair, have build-up of some kind, need a protein treatment or haven't kept my fingers out of it as it dried. Different remedies for each situation I've been in.

You mentioned that your hair is thick. Our fixes my be very different. You may want to do some more reading. I found the search bar to be very helpful when looking for specific fixes and tips. You may want to search "thick halo frizz" to find a fix that meets your hair properties.
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Most of the Ouidad products have cones. Depending what you're using to clean, you could have build up causing the frizz.

If your hair is fine, protein may just be the answer. I use a ton of protein. Find that it really helps define the curls and reduce the frizz.
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I have found that when I am over conditioned I get tons of halo frizz. I would agree that this may very well be your problem. I put off my first PT for a long time and would only buy products without protein bc of all the horror stories I was reading. I finally got the courage to do one and went big with Nexxus Emergencee and it changed my life 😃. I don't let it get to that point anymore so rarely buy it bc of the price.

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