Why is my hair so uneven?

In the front, I have awesome ringlets, but it gets wavy and even straight in the back. If I brush my hair, the front stays wavy, but the back the rest goes straight. I am growing out a bob...
Is it because my hair is longer in the front?
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This might sound crazy but different lengths can either bring out or totally eliminate your curl/wave pattern, making it looser or tighter depending on how long or short. I think it's different for everyone... some people's hair grow curlier when it's shorter, for others it becomes straighter.
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Could be. Where does your hair start to curl /wave in the front? If that point is below where your length ends in the back, you probably just need more length to bring out your wave pattern back there. I know mine doesn't start to spiral and form ringlets until it gets near or below chin length.
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Some of us just have a few different curl patterns on our heads! I have straight roots, probably 3a curls in the front and 3b in the back. It's always this way, doesn't seem to make any difference how my hair's cut.
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My hair is exactly the same. I had an inverted bob where the back was around the bottom of my ears and the front was to my chin. The back was always straight and the front has super ringlets. Now that it's growing out, my back curls seem to start at chin length, but are still less curly than the ringlets in the front. Your hair looks a lot like mine, so I would guess the same curl pattern may apply for you too. I think longer will be better. Then it's just a battle for volume at the top!
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I have the same issue: much curlier around my face than in the back. But my hair is shorter in the front than the back, so I assumed that it was because of length differences that way. I've also been playing around with how I apply products to try to encourage more curling in the back, which works some. I'm still trying to decide if it's curl pattern or products and their application...

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