Curly Hair Help! Fed up with having to straighten my hair!

Hey everybody! I need your help! You see, I have natually curly hair everywhere but at my bangs. Everything else curls up really nicely but when you get to my bangs they're just really straight. I really would like to wear my hair curly but it looks so funny with the straight bangs so i have to staighthen it once a week. I know using heat on my hair is causing it not to grow as fast, but i see no other way!

So my question for you guys is, is there anyway for my bangs to be curly again? any product or what ever that i can use? I'm so tired of straightening my hair!! lol.... and i'm also in college and would like to have a hairstyle that is cute AND fast!

Thank you so much for your help!!
Hi Chrissy,

Welcome to Naturallycurly; we're so glad you've joined our community.

I've moved your thread over here to General Hair, where you'll likely get a lot more love!

If you can, stop straightening; you're just further damaging your hair. Can you pin your bangs up/back in some sort of cute style instead?
Gretchen co-founder

You are beautiful!

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