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So as much as I've been loving my routine, I didn't always want to wear gel, esp. now that my hair is getting longer--and taking longer to dry. But with all the information flying around about certain ingredients that should be avoided, I wasn't sure what stylers to go to next (and I didn't want to go into PJ mode, been doing well with that for a while now, lol). I remembered as a kid, one of my aunts (the ONLY one who knew how to properly care for my hair in my entire family) used to put Cholesterol in my hair after a bath, and I'd love how wonderful my curls looked and felt afterwards.

I decided to just go for it again (I hadn't used it since childhood), and I'm in LOVE with my results! I've been into hairsticks lately (just ordered two GORG pairs! yay!) and putting gel in my hair just to scrunch it into an updo didn't make sense to me, so I've used it as my styler for about a week now. My hair dries WAY faster, stays soft and moisturized while at the same time preserving my natural curl pattern, even AFTER taking my hair out of an updo (which was a pretty impressive added bonus!). To boot, it's even cheaper than my gel and my shedding has lessened! I've decided to use this unless I'm going out and want my hair to be absolutely perfect, then I'll use the gel. I'm also noticing my already thick hair feels even thicker, so that's also great Anybody else here rediscover cholesterol?
What hair cholesterol do you use. I know queen of helen has plenty and lustrasilk hair a couple as well.

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Still loving my curls and kinks!
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I'm wondering as well. The only one I've heard of (and good things too) is Lutrasilk.

What exactly does cholesterol do for hair anyways? It sounds moisturizing.... mmmm.... cholesterol.... hahaha...
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I've seen a few of the varieties, and I'm certainly interested in giving others a try as well, but the one I'm using now is the Queen Helene Cholesterol Hair Conditioning Cream.

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