Castor oil

For those who use castor oil in their hair...

Do you use the cheapy drugstore stuff or the more expensive castor oil found in health shops?

I have the drugstore stuff and it's not really great. I don't even think it does much for my hair at all! But I know some curlies swear by it...
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)
cheapie drug store stuff may be processed using salt, so not so great for the hair. I got mine from Whole Foods.
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It looks to me as if a lot of the castor oil in hair products is in a PEG form to make it soluble, which I don't think you could get in a drugstore or a health food store.
Oh. I'm not really looking to make my own gel. I just heard from some curlies that they like to use castor oil to smooth out their hair or on their split ends.
3C/4A and too long to handle (and afford!)

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