Does your clarifying shampoo need to contain sulfate in order to remove silicone?

Hey all,

So I'm planning on beginning the CG method tomorrow. I have build up from silicones that were in my deep conditioner, and want to remove all that gunk and start fresh. I heard the only way to do that is through a clarifying shampoo that contains sulfate. Is this true? The clarifying shampoo I have is by purecurls, but is sulfate free - will it still be effective in removing silicone product/build up from my hair??

Also wondering, does the CG method completely ban shampoo? Or is it allowed every now and then?? I can't help but feel my hair will be dirty if I use nothing but conditioners to wash it.

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In answer to your first question, I would go with a sulfate shampoo for that final wash just to be on the safe side. It doesn't have to be fancy- a bottle of Suave will work just fine.

CG does not ban shampoo per se. CG is about avoiding sulfates and silicones. There are many people who use sulfate-free shampoos, either in rotation with, or in place of co-washing. I get my best co-washing results if I use conditioners labeled as clarifying or volumizing. There are also cleansing conditioners which fall somewhere in between co-wash and low-poo.


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Coco betaine is supposed to also remove silicone,and this ingredient is in many low poos.
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