How do you know when your hair is dry?

I know that sounds stupid, but I frequently think my hair is dry and then scrunch it only to find out that the gel is dry but the hair is still slightly damp. Then it's frizz city. I hate the crunchy look and I'm impatient to scrunch out the crunch.

Would scrunching out the crunch with a curl cream help in case it's still damp?

Who knew curly hair could be so much work!
If my hair feels cooler than room temp, I know it's still a bit damp....
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try to SOTC with a bit of oil in your palms. I always do it that way, and if your hairs not dry and you dont want to scrunch it, then rub the oil on your legs or arms then your not wasting it

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I usually can tell by my roots.

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I take a clump near the crown and gently squeeze it between my fingers (this is the spot that takes the longest to dry for me, if you have a different spot that takes the longest, then check there). By squeeze, I mean from the sides not scrunch from the bottom. It will break some of the gel cast but not really disturb the style so you can see if the hair inside the cast is dry.
Also, in my experience, SOTCing with an oil or moisturizing product does help cut down on frizz. Also helps with un-scrunchable crunch.

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I use an open palm and gently touch the hair on my crown, near the roots, since that's the spot that takes longest to dry. If it's not dry yet, it's not a big deal because an open palm doesn't disturb the curl and create frizz.
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No, this is totally NOT a stupid question!! I was thinking about this the other day, too. It seems that every time my hair feels dry on the outside, it's only because the gel cast is "dry" -- but my hair isn't! I second Swtndspcy's idea -- feel a piece of your hair that usually takes a longer time to dry (probably more toward the top of your hair/head, because that part is less likely to be caked in styling goop, the thing that's fooling us about our "dried" hair in the first place ). If that spot is dry, then you should be good.
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The sotc fake out !!!

happens all the time.
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