Are we high maintenance?

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i dont think that you're really high maintenance, thats just in my opinion. the definition of 'high maintenance' varies from person to person. besides, its just your hair that you're really maintaining alot. not really you as a whole. And, your hair looks pretty awesome. so dont let what other people say affect your routine, keep it up. your body is your temple, worship it as you see fit.
What great responses! You all have so many great points and it's nice to see that others think of caring for their hair as a hobby as well. However, there is one thing that I need clarification on...

...The term "high maintenance" can be a loaded one - often leveled against one if one cares about one's appearance at all, by someone who doesn't do a thing but would look better if he/she did, seriously. People who don't wear makeup say one is "high-maintenance" or "you're ruining your skin wearing makeup" if one takes any time whatsoever to put some on. Or it's leveled against women in general to make them feel like they're dumb and bimbo-like if we spend time in our beauty rituals that we each get into...
Originally Posted by caramix3a
So what exactly are you implying here? If taking care of oneself is considered as high maintenance then almost everyone is just that. Just because a person doesn't wear makeup or take over an hour to get ready it does not mean they look like garbage and that they do not care about how they look. That's just silly.

Many women who choose not to wear makeup, for example do so because they look better without it and they could also care less if others want to wear it. It seems to me that you have subtly taken a stab at people who naturally like to keep things simple because that's what works for them yet you yourself don't like it when someone does the same to you.

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Originally Posted by Calypso

I know my response to this thread is somewhat late, but that isn't what she said. It seems you misunderstood.

I believe what she means is that some women have a problem with other women who doll themselves up and wear makeup, fix their hair, etc.

I have a cousin who used to make me feel bad because she never wore makeup but I was shamed for wearing lip gloss/lipstick. I looked at her Facebook profile recently and she is wearing a sh*tload of makeup, including bright red lipstick which looks clownish on her. So it makes me wonder if it was jealousy or some other kind of issue on her part. But she is very competitive with me in general, so that explains it.

I don't think caramix3a was taking a stab at women who prefer the natural look. She was pointing out the fact that some women who don't wear makeup and do other "girly" things tend to belittle those of us that do. The judging goes both ways.

I don't pile on foundation and a bunch of other stuff, but I love the way mascara enhances my small eyes and opens them up. I love the way lip gloss or a creamy lipstick can make my mouth look fuller and sexier. I've just started wearing makeup again recently and although I don't need it, I feel more confident when I apply just a little bit.

I don't judge women who choose not to wear makeup or remove their body hair...but I also don't appreciate being called "fake" and other names because I wear makeup and like to feel pretty.

Some women try to make themselves feel superior by saying "I don't need all that, I'm naturally beautiful" which implies that women who DO wear makeup (even if it is only a little bit) are somehow less attractive. And we're also fake bimbos who don't care about anything else.

There is nothing wrong with makeup. It can be fun to play with, it can help you to reinvent yourself, it can enhance your natural beauty, it can be a wonderful tool for creativity. But I believe makeup has been unfairly bashed by people who take feminism to an extreme. A bit of lip gloss and mascara doesn't mean one is bowing down to the patriachy...sometimes a woman just wants to switch things up.

I hope I didn't offend you. I just feel like you misunderstood what caramix3a was trying to say and you were a bit hard on her.

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As a curly girl I have fought my hair most of my 50 plus years. It is a part of life, and not something I would have chosen for myself. I still wish I had straight hair!

People with straight hair can pretty much cleanse and go. I have always envied them. To me straight hair is low maintanence and curls are high maintenance. curls simply take more time. I have thin hair and am a 3A. My hair has to be dry before I go anywhere. Weather effects everything. People with straight hair just don't have those problems.

Curly is high maintenance!
Originally Posted by Kimlee
Im the opposite. I would hate to have straight hair because I love my volume. Flat hair looks like crap on me. Even when I was relaxed I did rollersets and hot curlers. The people I know with straight hair complain about it looking lifeless and being greasy a lot. Hence the need to shampoo every day. Honestly i think it takes more work to make straight hair look interesting so peopel spike it up or dye it a lot.
Yes, it's real. No, you can't touch it.
I am so not. LoL! Wash, condition, gel, oil. Done.. I guess some one some where might call this high maintenance.

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