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After much pondering, research, and youtube video watching - I decided to buy the new devafuser and dryer ($150). I was hesitant because of the price but am SO glad I took the plunge.
I have shoulder length type 3 curls. I used a bowl diffuser in the past.

I really like the devafuser for drying my roots and neck area. I get lift on the top and by drying the roots first they hold their curl better since the weigh of my wet hair isn't pulling the curl out.
The devafuser is a it akward to use on the ends of my hair. I rotate the "hand" and use it to cup the ends but some stands fall through the gaps; If I have time to wait for air drying - I use the devafuser to dry the roots and underneath hair and let the ends air dry. If I don't have time, I use the devafuser first and then my bowl diffuser to dry the ends.
I am really happy with my purchase and since I read so many reviews before deciding to make my purchase I wanted to add mine to the mix.
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I recently bought one, also and love it.

I use a pulling technique when my hair is 75% dry to give me lots of volume and looser curls. (I don't particularly want looser curls but I need to wear them that way to try to minmize the difference in length btwn my very short front/top layers and long back layers, until they grow out.)

The hand-shaped diffuser is really brilliant. But I didn't want to buy a whole new dryer. I wish there were still adapter pieces available to fit the hand-shaped diffuser onto other dryers...which was the original idea.

But either way, I'm so grateful to have it!
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That is good to hear! I bought the devafuser attachment and adapter off of the swap boards a couple of years ago. I have to did sit in my closet for quite a while before I got brave enough to use it. The "how to" videos on youtube helped a lot.

I do the exact same thing you do! I use it to dry my roots and all around my whole scalp. I don't bother drying the ends unless I'm in a real hurry to go anywhere. It's great because I don't get the chills like I used to while waiting for my hair to dry the rest of the way Also, I find that I get fewer split ends from keeping heat away from the length and ends of my hair.

When I did use a bowl diffuser I found that my curls ended up in strange, kinky shapes. I was probably doing it wrong, lol, but I love how the "hand" doesn't disrupt or change the curls at all.

It was refreshing and reassuring to hear about your devafuser and how you use it. Hopefully other deva~dif~USERS chyme in about their experiences!
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Oh how I miss my devafuser . I regret swapping it out over a year ago.

When I did use a bowl diffuser I found that my curls ended up in strange, kinky shapes. I was probably doing it wrong, lol, but I love how the "hand" doesn't disrupt or change the curls at all.
Originally Posted by sheilacurl
I have the same problem with strange kinky shapes. I'm very interested to hear everyone's thoughts about the deva diffuser.

Im not very happy with my dryer and have been thinking about looking for a new, almost salon quality dryer. Not sure if it would be worth the money though. But I really hate going to work with wet hair.

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