Fun curly story...

I have a room mate that is the blondest of the blonde and one of the sweetest people I know. She is extremely intelligent academically but sometimes her common sense doesn't kick in very quickly and is prone to being very ditzy... but we still love her! She is very humble and says things out of total honesty and will give wonderful compliments without realizing it. She is a wonderful friend!

Anyways, she has complimented me on my hair from day one. She was extremely interested in everything I had to say about the curly girl routine and is just astounded with curls! (By the way, her hair is straight straight straight!)

Yesterday I came in from work and she exclaims "Laura look my hair is curly like yours!!" I turn to see her hair is barely crimpy-wavy and she has a huge grin on her face... Apparently she braided her hair after showering and it left her hair crimpy. She's so funny.

Also she told me the other day she was out at Panera Bread and saw a woman in the line in front of her with beautiful curls. Of course she started talking to the woman and told her about her room mate with beautiful curls and just kept going on and on... she's like a non-curly curl ambassador! The woman recommended the Curly Girl book and my room mate got really excited (I guess she didn't believe me that other people actually use it too). My room mate was enthralled by this encounter and even commented on how she thought the woman's nose ring was so cool and her kids had the coolest mom ever. (I was just surprised by the nose ring comment because she's not really the nose ring type).

Just thought that was a fun story. I wish you all knew my room mate because she has such an appreciation for curls!
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That's so cute!! I love how she's so excited about it even though she's not a curly herself!
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Awwww! That made me smile. Give her a hug for me please!
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She sounds like a sweet positive person, wonderful to have in a roomie!
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What an awesome roomate! We should make her an honorary curly!!

Very cute story lauraloo!
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That's great!
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