Is your hair even on both sides?

Do u find that no matter what type of cut you get, that as a curly, your hair isn't always even on both sides?

Like for instance, I got a really cool cut a couple of months back and even though the unevenness is slight, one section in the back is shorter than the other. It doesn't hurt the style or anything and of course, being that it's MY hair I'm the only that sees it. As my hair grows out, it will become less noticeable, but still...

Does your hair always come out even when you get it done? And if not, how do you deal with it?

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Sometimes my left side looks a tad bit shorter since I curl more tightly on that side. It's not enough to bother me. I just figure that each curl has its own length so I don't think my hair will look truly even while curly.
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I don't really know about length. But in thickness, it's definitely uneven.
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yes, my right side is curlier than the left side, so it looks like i got a bad hair cut :x
but its all even when its straight
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After a couple of months your hair may be growing unevenly. Mine does that.
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The left side of my hair is both thicker and longer than the right. It just seems to grow a little faster, and I know it's thicker.
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My hair doesn't curl as nicely on the left as it does on the right. I don't know if it looks unbalanced or whatnot, but it drives me crazy.
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One of my sides is generally less curly on any given day so it looks longer. Or the back. I rake through my products now so that helps but it just comes out of my head differently. The longer I baby it the more even it gets but genetics are genetics.
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Now that I'm getting my hair cut when dry, it does come out even. However, I think one side grows faster than the other. One side is also always curlier than the other. So after a while it is uneven.
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mine is always uneven, one day I'll have a straight blunt hemline, then next a v. the most popular lately seems a blunt line with 2 locks in the back that are longer. It depends alot on how tight my curls are that day.

Im growing out dye and I have noticed it grows faster on the left side then the right.
The left side of my hair is thicker & grows faster. It's also less curly than the right, so it looks even longer, which doesn't help. By the time I'm ready for a trim, it looks like I do my hair when I'm drunk. Just one of the charms of being curly!
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My right side is definitely curlier than the left, though I think I'm the only one who notices seems like a lot of people on here have a curlier right side...odd. ~~jax
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I don't really know about length. But in thickness, it's definitely uneven.
Originally Posted by x_tigerlily
ditto, even when i part my hair pefectly centered.

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Mine and my daughters hair is the curliest in the very back underneath the canopy. I usually leave that part atleast an inch or two longer than the rest and it still shrinks up and looks kind of funny back there.
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my hair isn't uneven, it's just no matter how much product i put in or how much i think i've covered it evenly the left said of my hair always has a really fuzzy patch at the back .
I used to think it was cause someone threw gum in my hair when i was 12 and my teacher had to cut it out but that was 14 years ago it wouldn't be the issue now!
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Everybody has more hair on one side than the other and everybody's crown goes in one direction or the other which affects it too!

My hair is curliest in the back which is very strange, because I can sleep on it and it's ok. It's the sides that droop -- maybe because I don't touch the back so much?
Absolutely! I never noticed it while I was wearing it straight, but my hair while curly appears to be thicker on one side - and curls better! I've decided to accept this as a function of being curly . . . it also grows unevenly after a few months, which I notice less, but my hairdresser's pointed it out to me. One side is always longer than the other when I finally get my butt to her chair.
Yup, my hair is curlier on the right side but the curliest part is the back under the canopy. And I have one curl on the back left that is just WAY looser than the rest. It just hangs there!
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My hair is even when it's wet or when you pull it down to see. But when it's dry it looks a little uneven. Besides the curls/waves being different on each side, I've discovered another reason why mine looks uneven. For some reason a little of backside/underneath of my hair on the left side gravitates over my shoulder in front. The same section on the right side of my hair tends to clump more and stays in back. Since my hair is angled, it ends up making it look like my left side is longer than my right.
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