duckbill clips

are there any alternatives for clipping curly hair with duckbill clips? I do not have any duckbill clips, and can't go out and get some can I use anything else like bobby pins or something?

Thanks so much!
Do you have any butterfly or jaw clips? Some of us use those!
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Do you have any butterfly or jaw clips? Some of us use those!
Originally Posted by bonitafrita
Jaw clips over duckbill clips every time.

I've seen people stick bobbypins straight down into their hair for volume, but while dry. You could dry, do that, then spritz with water to reshape.
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How do you use bobby pins? I don't have butterfly clips or the other clips sorry!
I do the classic bend over while diffusing.
I would do that but my hair Hayes diffusing and frizzes up on me :/
ANYTHING will work.

I don't do the Deva clip thing but do clip my hair using jaw clips. I will even admit that I have used ordinary paper clamps when stuck.
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