Thank you so much for the responses everyone! I'm still kind of in shock that I did it, but I absolutely loooove it. For now it is so easy to care for. I know as the front starts to grow a bit, it will be more of a challenge, but I do plan on keeping it at this maybe forever, so I will just have to go back regularly for trims. I've gotten so many comments from people who can't believe that my insanely thick curls could be tamed like this, but for those of you wanting pixie cuts, if you go short enough it is definitely possible. The back of my head is SUPER short...not buzzed or anything...but the only part that is kept a little longer is the front/bangs part, so I think that is the trick for a pixie if you have really tight or thick curls (3b or maybe even 3c). Thank you so much again for the feedback =)