Proteins - necessary or not? Weigh in.

Hello all, I was updating my journal today, and pondering the use of proteins in hair care products. I'm just pasting my entry here as a start point for discussion. I'd love to hear views on this.

As I ponder my hairs dislike for protein, I still wonder if I, or everyone, really "needs" a protein treatment every so often.

In my conditioners, my hair really hates them. It makes my hair feel really dry.

But, I color treat and diffuse dry. By definition, I should have some damage, and thus need some protein to spackle in the damage. I wonder if it's one of those things that should be done monthly or every other month to help keep the bottom parts intact. Or, are some fine with never using a protein treatment. Perhaps I'll have to bring this up on the hair board to get other views on this.
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I think that if you don't have any particular damage, no breakage and not many splits, there's nothing essential about protein conditioners.
My hair reacts best to using a protein rich treatment once a week, and using a protein-free conditioner the rest of the days.

Using protein everyday causes me a lot of buildup.
Have several allergies and sensitivities.
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My hair can only handle protein in small amonts, or when it is used infrequently in my hair. It has been my experience that when I use products that are protein-rich or if I use them very frequently in my hair, then it turns to straw, unfortunately.

Protein based deep conditioners are good for repairing damaged hair, and aren't bad to use if your interested in sustaining the healthy hair that you already have, But it is always a good idea to follow-up most protein-based treatment conditioners with a moisture replenishing product , because most will leave your curls "starved for moisture" afterwards.
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I have never done a protein treatment in my life and to tell you the truth they have always scared me. :P
I never felt I needed them and now when my hair is so healthy I really don't like protein, or need it.

I think for someone who is coloring/highlighting their hair a lot it might be something to think of but personally I stay away. I am not coloring/highlighting my hair either though.
Maybe you could give it a try the next time you color? Try a protein DT two weeks after dyeing and see how it works for you.
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I do a protein treatment about once every 2 months. Other than that I try to stick with protein free conditioners. Too much of it makes my hair feel like straw. The only reason I do an occasional treatment is because I highlight my hair.
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My hair is not coarse or fine. It's medium. But it's also fragile and still recovering from years of hot foils. Protein does work for me. Syb and Redceltic, from what you post, your hair seems to be strong and robust already which may be why your hair is rejecting protein.
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Hear that crash? It's me falling off the CG wagon.
I bought some Biotin protein conditioner and so far I have only used it a couple of times. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but it doesn't make any difference for my hair?
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Thanks fro the input everyone. It always helps to hear various points of view.

Suburbanbushbabe, you make sense. I guess it's just that from a linear pint of view, I sort of buy into the "I color, therefore I need protein sometimes" argument. But, practicality has shown that I really don't like it.

I suppose that if my ends bug me or look thinner, I can do them monthly as has been suggested here.
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