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curlygirlangel 04-13-2012 01:08 PM

Haircut ideas DESPERATELY needed!
Hello my fellow curly girlies! I have a mix between type 3B and 3C hair. Right now it is midbreast length. I have never changed it before and I am really wanting to now and over the past few months. I thought about getting a brazilian treatment and bangs and cutting it off to just below my shoulders. (like taylor swift's straight hair w/bangs) I do love my curly hair it is just that I have to put soooo much product in it for me to like it. I condition it daily and use tresemme mousse and hairspray. I need help ladies! I'm 16 and have light brown skin and dyed red brown curls with blue eyes.
pleasepleaseplease give me options.
I'm so confused. :dontknow:

LindseyLoo003 04-13-2012 02:08 PM

Hii :) it looks like you have really nice ringlet curls. Doing a BKT might change your curl pattern permanently and leave you with hair that HAS to be styled daily with heat. This could cause damage over time and products should still be used to protect your hair. To me, getting a BKT doesnt mean easier hair because you have to maintain the treatment and limit how much you wash your hair. To me, it seems like just as much or maybe more time and maintenance as natural hair. The best thing to do is read up ALOT about the BKT before you decide because it can possibly change your hair into something you don't want and the upkeep of the treatment amounts to just as much maintenance and time as keeping it natural.

If i wanted a change i would probably look into getting some highlights. Also have your tried going CG? this could help you use less product since your hair is more moisturized.

instead of hairspray and mousse, you can try a gel that's water soluable like the L.A looks sport gel or even a more natural gel such as eco styler. There is soo much info on this site about techniques and routines and products.

The BKT is tempting i know. But it could result in over processed damaged limp hair over time. Yours looks healthy.

curlygirlangel 04-13-2012 06:21 PM

Whats a CG? Thanks for all the info on the BKT I never thought about it like that! I have used that gel before and many other gels and they just did not work for me. I'm thinking about trying maybe some creams and butters :happy11:

Kimlee 04-13-2012 07:42 PM

Hi. I am much older than you. I've dealt with my naturally curly hair for decades longer than you have, and this is what I would suggest. If you would like your curls looser, try a curling iron when your hair is dry. Taylor Swift does this to tame her waves. If you are opposed to heat try using a deffuser on low to soften the tightness of your curl.

I have a good friend who did a BKT. She had straight hair naturally, but it was getting frizzy and wavy with age. Wow did it work well for her. Stick straight hair with bangs that she just washes and wears. It always looks great. Just the hair us curly girls want, but don't have.

Since you are so curly, I think I would avoid this. The grow out will be a mess, and it's a lot of money to maintain the look.

Try a straightening product. This really does relax the curl. I use John frieda Straight fixation. Let us know what you decide! You have a lifetime ahead of you to master your curls. Hopefully you can do that now!

LindseyLoo003 04-13-2012 11:31 PM

CG means curly girl and its the curly girl method lol you can read all about in on here the info is easy to find on also.

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