New CURLS Milkshake: How does it compare to the old one?

Hey Everyone

I've had the old CURLS Milkshake for awhile, and i used it this week and got third day hair from just that product alone! I love the ingredients, for me the more natural the better. I found out they changed the formula, but I really havent seen anything on the board about it, unless im lookin gover it. Those who have tried the new one, how does it compare to the old? Even if you havent used the old one, what do you think about the new formulation? I really liked the old one, I just want some input before I think of getting the new one.
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I have the old and I also received a very generous sample of the new from Curls . I like the new just as well as the old and my hair seemed to like the new just as well too.
I have tried the new and the old. I really like the old version, as both a leave-in/styler. I used to however most of the time use it with Curls Quenched to give it a little bit more slip in my hair. But with this new formulsa that's out now, I find it be slightly more hydrating and have a better slip to it, so much so that I can use it without applying Curls Quenched first to my hair. I love mainly using it by itself as my only stylig aid. But, I have paired it with Curls Spiral Curl Cream and had no problems using it that way as well.
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